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Sky Alpha HD, Radio To The Stars!

Sky Alpha HD was innovated to take advantage of the ever-advancing world of digital communication. Our user-friendly mobile app enables undeterred access to our world. We pride ourselves on being the very first of our kind in the kingdom, with a panel of decorated and competent presenters and shows designed to cater to all your business, lifestyle and entertainment needs.

Amid the continued lack of job opportunities, Sky Alpha HD`s core mandate is to encourage youths to go into business for theselves, using our platform to promote and grow such with rate cards that can be tailored to perfectly suit any type of business.

We have been working tirelessly around the clock to overcome all hurdles, both financial and technical, to bring you radio of the highest and unrivalled quality, with your support serving as motivation most valued by us. We continue grow bigger and better as we go forward, led by a visionary management team reachable to you.