About this Event

The main event is proposed to be hosted on Saturday 25th March 2023. The proposed venue is Manthabiseng Convention Centre. The event shall be in the form of a red carpet for nominees, a white carpet for VIP’s and a black carpet for general attendants. There shall be the main foyer for photo-shoot sessions as well as radio and tv interviews.

There shall be a live broadcast on national tv, social media and YouTube, powered by media coverage. Nominees, Performing Artists and everybody else will then be ushered from the foyer to the main auditorium. The official ceremony will then begin at 8 pm,anditisexpectedtoendat10pm. The2-hour production will consist of a recorded voiceover, awards presenters, short speeches, performances and short award acceptance speeches. At 10 pm, there shall be a 1-hour celebration and networking. The event shall end at 11 pm


25 March 2023


Manthabiseng Convention Centre