Bank unveils exciting innovation

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19 days ago


By Neo Kolane

Lesotho Post Bank has announced a convenient way for Basotho to access its services through a chatbot called Tsotsoma.

Chatbots are conversational tools that perform routine tasks efficiently

During the announcement in Maseru on Tuesday this week, the chief sales office of Lesotho, PostBank, ‘Mathabo Tṥehlo said Tsotsoma is a communication WhatsApp chatbot that came after the bank realised that its customers were struggling to find information involving its and its services.

Tṥehlo said the bank wanted to help its customers minimise going up and down looking for such information and Tsotsoma is useful because it will come in handy.

She stated that a person can ask Tsotsoma questions and they will receive answers instantly. Clients can also find forms that are needed in the bank, like ‘lengolo la morena’.

“Tsotsoma also alerts its users on frequent updates on products and services. It notifies of ATMs that are online or offline in the country, so customers can know where to go.

“We do not want our customers to go to ATMs only to find that they are not functioning,” Tṥehlo noted.

“One can also send documents on the KYC check verification, which is a mandatory process of identifying and verifying the client’s identity when opening an account and periodically over time. Once scanned, Tsotsoma passes them on to the relevant people and the client’s account will then be activated,” she explained.

Tṥehlo said if there are unanswered questions, Tsotsoma transfers calls to the call centre of the bank where a client is assured to get more answers.

Lesotho PostBank chief operating officer Mahase Mahooana said they want their customers to use Tsotsoma because it will benefit them.

Most importantly, Mahooana said, convenience is the key factor of Tsotsoma as it will make it easier for customers to receive services.

He said another benefit is that services happen via WhatsApp, one of the most commonly used social media platforms.

“It is also an innovation among many that we have in the pipeline to answer to the needs of our customers,” Mahooana indicated.

To access Tsotsoma, one saves the 62579119 number then texts Hi. What will follow is that Tsotsoma will ask for the person’s name which will have to be entered.

The reason for asking for the client’s name is for Tsotsoma to give the user a personalised service.

What will follow is a welcome message, with either the bank’s latest promotions or an important message that needs to be communicated to the client. At the main menu there are three options: Self Service, Account Services and Talk to Agent.