Calls for Letšeng to maintain transparency

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8 months ago


‘Mantšali Phakoana

Basotho National Party (BNP) leader Machesetsa Mofomobe wants mining minister Mohlomi Moleko to reveal the financial details surrounding the acquisition of Matekane Mining Investment Company (MMIC) equipment by LetšengDiamonds after the two parties cut ties last week.

Letšeng and MMIC owned by prime minister Sam Matekane announced that they have reached a mutual agreement to part ways to avoid a conflict of interest as the premier is categorised as a politically exposed person.

In a notice filed in parliament on Friday, Mofomobe said he wants Moleko to shed light on how much tax Letšeng Diamonds withheld whenpurchasing MMIC’s equipment.

Non-governmental organisation that advocates for human rights, Section 2, has also challenged Letšeng to disclose the amount given to MMIC as a golden handshake for premature termination of the contract, 11 months ahead of schedule.

“Such transparency is non-negotiable and crucial for fostering a culture of ethical business practices. The public has a right to this information for accountability and trust in governance.

“Section 2 emphasises an urgent need for a competent State-owned mining enterprise to replace MMIC rather than relying solely on Letšeng insourcing its mining operations,” Section 2 said in a weekend statement.