Four steps to file your tax returns

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a month ago


Paying taxes is the right and responsible thing to do. With the tax filing season that started on the 1st of April 2024 well underway, how can you best prepare to file and submit your returns?

This article discusses four steps to help you file your returns due on the 30th of June 2024.

  • Register as a taxpayer 

Individuals, partnerships or companies are required to register as taxpayers with Revenue Services Lesotho (RSL) by completing the relevant form available on RSL’s website at You will then be provided with a tax identification number, also known as TIN, which is a unique number given to each taxpayer.

  • Prepare all your documents

The next step will be to prepare all the relevant documents. For employed individuals, a copy of your P-16 forms or twelve-month payslips, while business owners (micro small, medium enterprises) will be required to submit annual financial statements (AFS). Scan the documents so that you can upload them when you start the filing process.

  • Start the E-filing process.

Previously, taxpayers were required to file manually by completing forms and submitting physical copies to RSL. Fortunately, you can now file your tax returns electronically via the E-Tax platform available at

Depending on the type of tax you are filing returns for, select the correct form, complete it and determine how much tax you should pay. Should you owe taxes, you can pay the outstanding amount online by clicking on the ‘Pay Now’ tab.

  • Apply for your tax clearance certificate and reconcile

Upon completion of the filing process, you can apply for a tax clearance certificate (TCC) which indicates that you are tax compliant. This certificate is valid of a period of six months and applications can be processed. To check if all your tax affairs are in order and account fully update, you can view your account summary and reconcile  on the E-Tax portal. Do your part, file your tax returns and comply. Likhomo!