MMB to rescue farmers

19 days ago

By Kefiloe Kajane

Maluti Mountain Brewery (MMB) this week met with the farming community of Ha Makhalanyane, in the Maseru district to mobilise interested farmers to join the Smart Agriculture Programme.

The meeting was facilitated by the ministry of agriculture and food security through the crops directorate.

Smart Agriculture is an ABINBEV sustainability programme that aims to empower farmers in the use of high value seeds, market and weather information. It is also to empower them with business and financial skills for improvement of crop yields.

According to the statement released by MMMB the cornerstone of the programme is mentorship to ensure skills transfer for sustainability.

MMB stated that it identified the ministry of agriculture as key partner in the programme, “because the Smart Agriculture Programme, is aligned with the ministry’s vision and mission.”

“Their vision that talks to an empowered clientele to make informed decisions and access necessary resources for sustainable agricultural production and food availability. It also talks about provision of dynamic and pro-active leadership in participatory development and implementation of policies and programs with farmers and provision of expert advisory agricultural services to the farming community and agro-businesses leading to sustainable agriculture for the achievement of food security,” the statement read.

The statement further said MMB would provide farmers with experienced mentors and inputs to ensure high-quality maize production.

MMB’s legal and corporate affairs manager, ‘Mapulumo Mosisili, said MMB believed the programme is a win-win solution for both MMB and the government of Lesotho to raise revenue.

She also said it was a win because it will reduce the import bill assuring food security and long term scale to be competitive. It will supply the brewery with high value maize.

She indicated that that will ensure jobs at the brewery and that would maintain the associated value chain.