New bishop for Anglican Church

a month ago

By Poloko Mokhele

The Electoral College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa (ACSA) on Sunday met virtually and elected Reverend Dr Vicentia Kgabe as the seventh bishop of the Anglican Church of Lesotho.

Rev Kgabe replaces Bishop Mallane Adam Taaso who took an early retirement in early 2020 due to poor health, leaving the church without a substantive leader. Bishop Taaso was consecrated as bishop in October 2008.

In April this year, the church hosted an elective assembly in Maseru to elect a new diocesan bishop but failed to agree on one person, leaving the decision with the synod of bishops of ACSA, “the elective assembly of the diocese of Lesotho did not elect new bishop at its sitting in April this year, the assembly is delegating their election of a bishop to the synod of bishops,” reported the church then.

Members of the Anglican Church of Lesotho took to various social media platforms after the announcement welcoming the new bishop, “hoping that she brings peace and stability in the church.” The church has not had stability in the past few years with the former bishop and some priests constantly clashing over administration issues.

Born in South Africa, Rev Kgabe attended schools in Soweto; she started her theological training at the college of the Transfiguration. She undertook further theological studies at the University of Pretoria where she obtained a PhD in Practical Theology in 2011. In 2014, she was appointed rector of the College of the Transfiguration, a position she is still holding till date.