Pantsula group yearns for support

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25 days ago


By Matšeliso Phulane

Street Vaal Pantsula, a dance crew from Ha Molibeli in Leribe is appealing for support to help them grow their craft.

Pantsula is a tradition and energetic dance form that originated in the black townships of South Africa during the apartheid era

The name Pantsula means ‘Walk like a Duck’. The dance is characterized by its signature footwork, use of hands, props, outfits, and voice.

Street Vaal Pantsula was established in July last year with the aim of combating crime among the youth, promoting exercising, as well as to make a living for the group’s members. The crew consists of five members aged between 18-19 years, who are still in high school (Grade 11) while others completed last year. They dance and act as well.

In a recent interview with theReporter, Street Vaal Pantsula director, Liteboho Tlaba, said they formed the group after realising that Pantsula benefits a lot of young people in South Africa and performers travel around the world through this dance.

“Pantsula is not just about a dance, there are so many things we can benefit out of it, such as making a living.

“We started the group as a joke, watching videos on TickTok to learn some dance moves. We always practiced every day after school and doing our home works and other chores at home,” Tlaba said.

He noted that they were happy with the progress they have made so far as they have become famous. People now consider booking them to perform at their events. Apart from that, the group now also performs on the streets to get money to buy their attire.

Tlaba indicated that although bookings have been trickling in, they are still few, hence their appeal for support.

“There would be no income at all if we’re not booked. We appeal for sponsorship to promote our work and put us in the limelight. That way we can be able to achieve our goals of getting more recognition.”

He added: “What sets our crew apart from other Pantsula dance groups is that we are not shy. We perform confidently and we’re always ready to showcase our talents everywhere.”

Some Pantsula dance groups are known to be involved in criminal activities such as gangsterism but Tlaba disagrees.

These are two different things, he said.

“Pantsula is all about culture even though some gangsters try to change it.

“Pantsula is not about crime, it teaches one to respect others. I urge Basotho not to look at Mapantsula in wrong ways when they see them walking on the streets. They should not judge them and think they are gangsters; it is a culture.

“We are working hard to convince people to clearly know that those are two different things. People should make efforts to understand what we are trying to do and support us,” Tlaba said.

He said those who are will to join the group are welcome because the aim is to spread Pantsula across the country and beyond. Street Vaal Pantsula’s booking fees differ according to time taken on stage. However, they range from M 500.