Personal shopper business blooms

FamCast News
3 months ago


By Seleoe Nonyane

Tšepiso Montši has devised a unique way to put food on the table.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity in the face of little to non-existent prospects to better her life, she started a business of doing groceries on behalf of others.

Montši purchases groceries for people who are swamped with work or have other commitments but still need to do some grocery shopping.

She does one’s groceries and then delivers the items to the client’s home, at work, or wherever they have to be taken to.

In an interview with theReporter this week, Montši said she has been able to earn a living and provide for herself since starting the business.

She revealed that she only started the business earlier this year but it has been booming, and that no week goes by without receiving a client.

Relating how she ended up in this business, Montši explained that she started the venture because she needed money to survive after losing her job.

Coming from a large family, she felt a great sense of responsibility to hustle and continue providing for her household.

“I lost my job after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country and the company I was working for at the time could not survive.

“I had to come up with innovative ways to make ends meet, such as selling some products. However, I felt this was not enough, so I took a leap of faith and started the business after a friend advised me to try my luck. 

“I was quite a bold move to take such a risk and do something never seen before. I was not fazed; I grabbed the opportunity and it has been a wonderful journey ever since,” she said.

Like any other enterprises, Montši’s business comes with its own challenges. She sometimes encounters clients who are skeptical about her reliability.

She allays such fears by being patient and explaining clearly how she works while answering all the client’s questions until they are satisfied.

She even encourages customers to visit her social media platforms to check out her work and reviews from satisfied clients.

Montši does not only purchase groceries for her clients, but she also delivers surprise lunches and gifts to individuals.

She also delivers lunch for school children and food for their class parties.

To book a slot, contact +266 58146768.