Secret Location unmasked

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a month ago


By Mateliso Phulane

When entrepreneur Moshe Mpholo and five of his friends took a road trip to a random relatively unknown spot to rewind in January this year, little did they know that they had struck gold, albeit by accident.

They fell in love with the open rocky spot which turned out to be quite spacious and they figured it would come in handy as a tourist attraction.

They would go on to named it the Secret Location. And now people come here to have fun, live music, braai, camping and to showcase various crafts and braai.

The place is located at Ha ‘Malei between Maseru and Sefikeng’. It is situated on rocky mountain hills about 2km from Ha ‘Malei but still part of the village.

In an interview with theReporter this week, Mpholo who actually grew up in that village, said they then tested the waters by hosting their first event in February where the likes of Origin Musiq, Omali Themba, Morena Sway performed.

“It is not every event that has live music performances. Most of the time we witness lineups that are packed with DJs strutting their stuff. My goal is for Secret Location to predominately offer live music.

“There are a lot of possibilities about this place in terms of improving it. That includes camping, which will see patrons set up overnight camps a day before a major event,” he noted. 

The place boasts a cave under a rock which serves as a performance stage.

There are also several ponds that look like bath tubs, not to mention a wide variety of wild vegetation. All this adds up to an ideal tourism destination.

The place can also serve as a venue for wedding ceremonies for people who enjoy outdoor experiences.

“Some local artists who are already approaching us expressing their interest to take part in the next event so it’s really gaining traction.

“In our events such as the one we held recently, we take part in activities like air soft shooting range where we use pellet guns, painting and bonfire in the evening,” Mpholo said.

He promised that the next event will include camping before the main event, to enable people to unwind and rest before going back home.

He also promised to see to it that the road leading to the venue is fixed to guarantee smoother and easier access. 

Besides that, there will be more live music, as they have plans to invite international artists as well.

“Live music lovers will enjoy a lot because we also wish to include Famo, as long as they play live without a DJ. This is because live music engages the crowd quite well and it has its own class.

“We are still planning to host the next event, maybe in the next summer season at least twice a year, during Easter and festive seasons,” Mpholo concluded.