Three tips to help you manage your money this winter

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a month ago


If the beauty of the snow that covered the Mountain Kingdom this week is

anything to go by, it is surely going to be a winter full of surprises. What should not

be a surprise, however, are your finances!

This article discusses three tips to help you manage your finances and be money savvy this winter.

#1 Review your insurances

It should come as no surprise that ‘anything can go wrong, will go wrong’ as per

Murphy’s law. The winter season is notorious for inclement weather i.e. heavy

snow, strong winds, hailstorms or icy and slippery roads that can cause damage

to property, cars or valuable possessions. Avoid any unexpected surprises and

ensure your property, house contents and car insurance policies are in good

standing and you are adequately covered.

#2 Exercise caution when driving

This is the season to travel to various destinations, attend festivals and experience Lesotho’s elevation. While we chase the snow, it is, however, dangerous to drive in icy or slippery roads. Do pre-departure preparations, check weather conditions and ensure that your vehicle is fit i.e. brake pads, tyre pressure etc. Always exercise caution when driving and ensure you have roadside assistance as part of your car insurance policy.

#3 Keep warm and monitor consumption

Snuggling in front of the heater or fireplace, with a cup of tea sounds like a great idea. Sadly, a significant number of Basotho lose their homes and valuables during winter because of heaters that are left unattended. Always make sure to switch off heaters before leaving the house and never leave minor children alone. Lastly, the cost of keeping warm requires spending on paraffin, gas or electricity which can be expensive. Monitor your consumption and keep an eye on your budget.

Stay warm and experience elevation, remember Lesotho ke Lapeng!